WALAAONLINE is a Developer Name of Walaa Ali H. Jumiawi, Unity 3d Games Designer and Developer, Web Analysit, Garageband Loop Composer, Level Designer, Practical and Theoritcal Analyser, and Viewpoint planner for user thoughts.

For All games, the Privacy and Policy including the permissions for internet access, used for Ads serving for the Apps and Facebook API gateway, the camera and microphone permissions are for game video recording, by accepting or rejecting these permissions user can still play all our games and completely free.

For the Music inside the games, Walaa used simple way to produce his own intros with 100% copyrights belong to WALAAONLINE’s Games, Regarding using these music by third parties, permission needed from walaaonline. All Graphic User Interface GUI inside the games are completely Copyrighted for WALAAONLINE, excluding some models and 3d objects from open source engines and 3dwarehouse.